Call for Paper - July 2022 Edition
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Number 2 (ISBN: 973-93-80889-91-2)

# Article Title
1 Analysis of Smartphone Users Awareness Activities Cybercrime
Authors : Abdul Kohar, Imam Riadi, Ahmad Lutfi
2 A Robust 10T SRAM Cell with Enhanced Read Operation
Authors : Sayeed Ahmad, Naushad Alam, Mohd. Hasan
3 Optimal Multi-Criteria Design of Hybrid Power Generation Systems: A New Contribution
Authors : M. Algabalawy, S.F. Mekhamer, A.Y. Abdelaziz, M.A.L Bader
4 A Survey of Static Scheduling Algorithm for Distributed Computing System
Authors : Khushboo Singh, Mahfooz Alam, Sushil Kumar Sharma
5 English Scanned Document Character Recognition and Matched and Missed Matched Analysis using NN and MDA
Authors : Pardeep Kaur, Pooja Choudhary, Varsha Sahni
6 A Novel Hybrid Fuzzy Time Series Approach with Applications to Enrollments and Car Road Accidents
Authors : Shehu Mohammed Yusuf, M.B. Mu'azu, O. Akinsanmi
7 Implementing Entropy Codec for H.264 Video Compression Standard
Authors : Mohamed Abd Ellatief Elsayed, Abdelhalim Zekry
8 An improvement of Energy-Efficient for Hierarchical Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : Y. Driouch, M. Ben Salah, A. Boulouz, A. Massaq, L. Koutti