Call for Paper - August 2022 Edition
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Number 13 (ISBN: 973-93-80890-19-8)

# Article Title
1 Integration of GPS and Cellular Technologies for Development of Smart Public Transport Network
Authors : Rajani Mohan Suryavanshi, Rohan Koul
2 A Survey of Cryptographic and Non-cryptographic Techniques for Privacy Preservation
Authors : Bhawani Singh Rathore, Anju Singh, Divakar Singh
3 Fuzzy Ontology and Rule based Model for Automatic Semantic Content Extraction from Videos using k-Means Algorithm
Authors : Priyanka Nikam, B.R. Nandwalkar
4 Fingerprint Indexing Approaches for Biometric Database: A Review
Authors : Pooja A. Parmar, Sheshang D. Degadwala
5 A Survey on Apple Fruit Diseases Detection and Classification
Authors : Bhavini J. Samajpati, Sheshang D. Degadwala
6 An Adaptive and High Quality Blind Image Deblurring using Spectral Properties
Authors : Seethu George, Resmi Cherian
7 A Survey on Big Data Management and Job Scheduling
Authors : Sreedhar C., N. Kasiviswanath, P. Chenna Reddy
8 Effective Utilization of Router Buffer by Threshold Parameter Setting Approach in RED
Authors : Kiran Chhabra, Manali Kshirsagar, Arun Zadgaonkar