Call for Paper - August 2022 Edition
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Number 6 (ISBN: 973-93-80890-12-9)

# Article Title
1 An Effective Dynamic Quantum Round Robin(EDQRR) CPU Scheduling Algorithm
Authors : Kankana Datta, Manasi Jana, Arpita Mazumdar
2 Implemented and Evaluated the Byzantine Attack with the Aid of Rushing Attack in Manet
Authors : Neha Agrawal, Krishna Kumar Joshi, Neelam Joshi
3 Improving Information Integrity using Artificial Bee Colony based Intrusion Detection System
Authors : Qamar Rayees Khan, Mohammad Asger, Muheet Ahmed Butt
4 In Silico Multivariate Regressio n Analysis and Validation Studies on Selective MMP-13 Inhibitors
Authors : G. Nirmala, A. Yesubabu, P. Seetharamaiah
5 Speech Synthesis System for Marathi Accent using FESTVOX
Authors : Sangramsing N.Kayte, Monica Mundada, Charansing Kayte
6 Realization of Long Reach High speed Optical System by Incorporating Optical Phase Conjugation (OPC) Scheme
Authors : Vishal Sharma, Ruchi Sharma
7 Automatic Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy Micro aneurysm from Low Contrast Retinal Images using Mathematical Morphology Methods
Authors : Raju Maher, Sangramsing Kayte, Dnyaneshwar Panchal, Suvarnsing G. Bhable, Pankaj Sathe, Jaypalsing Kayte
8 Wavelet based Scheme to Improve Performance of Hearing under Noisy Environment
Authors : Jayant J. Chopade, N.P. Futane