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Number 9 (ISBN: 973-93-80890-91-2)

# Article Title
1 Study of Data Mining Algorithms in the Context of Performance Enhancement of Classification
Authors : Aditi Goel, Saurabh Kr. Srivastava
2 Novel Algorithm for Feature Extraction and Feature Selection from Electrocardiogram Signal
Authors : A.N. Paithane, D.S. Bormane, Ujwala Patil
3 FPGA Implementation of Pseudo Noise Sequences based on Quadratic Residue Theory
Authors : A. Rajagopal, K.L. Sudha, Dundi Ajay
4 Absolute Stability of Nonlinear Systems with Piecewise Linear Sector Condition
Authors : Amin Rezaei, Farzad Hashemzade
5 Building Recommendation System for Hotel
Authors : Mohammad Aamir, Mamta Bhusry
6 An Optimization model for Triple Sourcing, Supply Chain under Disruption
Authors : Hegazy Zaher, Naglaa Ragaa, Marwa Mostafa Selim
7 The Application of Computer in Education System and its Significance to Teaching and Learning
Authors : Amani M. Albarkati
8 Image Retrieval using Multi Cascaded Features
Authors : Hashem B. Jehlol, Mayyadah Jabbar Gailan, Anwer Subhi Abdulhussein Oleiwi