Call for Paper - December 2019 Edition
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Number 3 (ISBN: 973-93-80891-49-8)

# Article Title
1 Dynamic Load Balancing Techniques for Improving Performance in Cloud Computing
Authors : Srushti Patel, Hiren Patel, Nimisha Patel
2 Comparative Study of the Impacts of Conventional and Online Retailing on the Environment: A Last Mile Perspective
Authors : Ahmad Nabot, Firas Omar
3 Linear Feed Back Shift Register Base Multiple Long Period Random Binary Sequences Generator
Authors : Neha Agrawal, Neelesh Gupta, Neetu Sharma
4 Modernization of CAPTCHA using Skin Detection Sensors: A Survey
Authors : Shrivar Bhuwalka, Utsav Seksaria, Namratha M., Aryan Rai, Chaitra Shree
5 Performane Analysis of IEEE 802.11 WLAN by Varying PCF, DCF and EDCF to Enhance Quality of Service
Authors : Satyajit Sarmah, S.K. Sarma
6 Some Properties of Cartesian Product Graphs of Cayley Graphs with Arithmetic Graphs
Authors : S. Uma Maheswari, B. Maheswari
7 A Proposed Framework for Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Product Recommendation for Ecommerce
Authors : Sree Lakshmi Addepalli, Sree Gowri Addepalli, Monica Kherajani, Harsha Jeshnani, Sujata Khedkar
8 Survey on Different Techniques of Image Steganography
Authors : Omkar Shetye, Chinmay Vanmali, Moses Fernandes, Prachi Patil