Call for Paper - January 2023 Edition
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Number 12 (ISBN: 973-93-80894-20-7)

# Article Title
1 iTrack: IoT framework for Smart Food Monitoring System
Authors : Amrita Srivastava, Ankita Gulati
2 A Comparative Study of Heterogeneous Processor Simulators
Authors : Shagufta, Muhammad Aleem, Muhammad Arshad Islam, Muhammad Azhar Iqbal
3 Opinion Mining on Twitter Data using Unsupervised Learning Technique
Authors : Muqtar Unnisa, Ayesha Ameen, Syed Raziuddin
4 High throughput in Uplink SC-FDMA Systems with Multicell Processing
Authors : Sapna Kumari, Bramha S.Tripathi, Shilpi Sharma
5 Integrating Encrypted Cloud Database Services using Query Processing
Authors : Jadhav Sonali S., B. M. Patil
6 Multi-Objective Neutrosophic Optimization Technique and its Application to Structural Design
Authors : Mridula Sarkar, Samir Dey, Tapan Kumar Roy
7 Energy Efficient and Reliable Algorithm to Detect and Resolve Sinkhole Attack over Collection Tree Protocol
Authors : Maya Shelke, Kalyani Kadam, Ameya Bhattacharya, Richita Das, Ayushi Rathi, Aishwarya Singh
8 Extended Performance of Digital Video Watermarking using Hybrid Wavelet Transform with Haar, Cosine, Kekre, Walsh, Slant and Sine Transforms
Authors : Tejas S. Kulkarni