Call for Paper - November 2023 Edition
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Number 6 (ISBN: 973-93-80894-14-9)

# Article Title
1 Domestic Android Application for Home Services
Authors : Sheetal Bandekar, Avril D'Silva
2 Inverse Shortest Path in a Graph with Rough Edge Weights
Authors : Sagarika Biswal, S. P. Mohanty
3 Hybrid Adaptive Image Restoration Method with Pixel Block Estimation and Histogram Equalization
Authors : Sukhwinder Singh, Amit Grover
4 An Automated Technique using Gaussian Naïve Bayes Classifier to Classify Breast Cancer
Authors : B. M. Gayathri, C. P. Sumathi
5 Challenges to Inter-Satellite Communication System: A Review
Authors : Abdallah Ahmad Shatnawi, Mohd Nazri Mohd Warip
6 ECG Web Services for Patient Health Monitoring in Internet of Things
Authors : Jyoti L. Khachane, Latika R. Desai
7 Woman Security using Android based Hybrid Framework
Authors : Sukhjeen Kaur, Jagpuneet Kaur Bajwa
8 A Two Slotted Circular Microwave Antenna Design for Hyperthermia System Applicators
Authors : Minu Sethi, Geeta Nijhawan