Call for Paper - November 2022 Edition
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Number 2 (ISBN: 973-93-80894-26-3)

# Article Title
1 Numerical Analysis of the Magnetohydrodynamic Flow and Heat Transfer in Microchannel
Authors : Mushtaq Ismael Hasan, Abdul Jabbar F. Ali, Rhan S. Tufah
2 Pollution Measurement in Bittorent
Authors : G. N. Purohit, Deepika Sainani, Urmil Malik
3 Late-Materialization using Sort-merge Join Algorithm
Authors : Nachiket Deo
4 Automatic Recognition of Power Quality Disturbances using Kalman Filter and Fuzzy Expert System
Authors : P. Kalyana Sundaram, R. Neela
5 Metrics of Scrum Methodology
Authors : Ifra, Jagpuneet Kaur Bajwa
6 GSM/GPS based Device Switching with Fingerprint Module Integration using Arduino
Authors : Madhu R., U.B. Mahadevaswamy
7 FPGA Implementation and Analysis of Different Multiplication Algorithm
Authors : Manoj M. Kamble, Sunita P. Ugale
8 Analyzing Multi-Processors using AFER
Authors : S. S. Dwivedi, Ajit Singh, S. Mishra