Call for Paper - November 2022 Edition
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Number 7 (ISBN: 973-93-80895-04-5)

# Article Title
1 A Technique for Web Page Ranking by Applying Reinforcement Learning
Authors : Vivek Deshmukh, S. S. Barve
2 Enhancing Open Space Method in Data Hiding Technique
Authors : Hebah H. O. Nasereddin, Yaman F. Abdullah
3 Fully Fuzzy Multi-Level Linear Programming Problem
Authors : O. E. Emam, E. Fathy, M. A. Helmy
4 Historical Development of Science and Technical Education in India
Authors : Priya Gupta
5 A Survey on Data Security in Social Networking Sites
Authors : Pragya Pradhan, Santanu Misra, Tawal Koirala
6 Computed Summaries of Android Bluetooth Library: Data Leakages Detection
Authors : Kevin A. Nyakundi, Elisha Abade
7 Robust Action Selection by the Robot in Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) Environment
Authors : Kamran Ashraf, Muhammad Asif
8 A Comparison of n-T SRAM Cell in Nanometre Regime
Authors : Amit Namdev, Paresh Rawat