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Number 5 (ISBN: 973-93-80895-15-5)

# Article Title
1 A Hybrid Agile model using SCRUM and Feature Driven Development
Authors : S. S. Tirumala, Shahid Ali, Anjan Babu G.
2 Implementation of Security System using Multifactor Authentication
Authors : Tirupati Bala, Surinder Singh
3 Software Reliability: Metrics
Authors : Durga Patel, Pallavi
4 Segmentation and Visualization of Airborne Sparse Forest LiDAR Data using Region Growing Approach
Authors : Swati R. Maurya, Ganesh M. Magar
5 The Evolution of Improvised Cryptocurrency – UVCoin
Authors : Jasmine Bedi Khurana, Utkarsh Wadhwa, Vivek Tomar
6 Interest based Recommender System for Social Media
Authors : Shivangi Garg
7 Fixed Point Theorems in Multiplicative Metric Spaces
Authors : Avinash Chandra Upadhyaya
8 Analyzing the Technology Trends of Smartphone in China using Patent Maps
Authors : Hu Yunqi, Hu Daiping