Call for Paper - January 2024 Edition
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Number 9 (ISBN: 973-93-80895-19-6)

# Article Title
1 Hardware Accelerator for Feature Extraction based on Circle Views Signature
Authors : Huda D. Jomma, Aziza I. Hussein, Alaa M. Hamdi
2 Model Productivity in UKM Coconut Oil based on Information Technology in North Sulawesi
Authors : Marike A. S. Kondoj, Herry S. Langi, Sonny R. Kasenda
3 Teaching Materials English for Informatics based on Multimedia in Manado State Polytechnic
Authors : Grace H. Pontoh, Maya Munaiseche, Yoice Putung
4 Image Restoration using 3-Dimensional Discrete Cosine Transform
Authors : D. Ramesh Varma, G. Prasanna Kumar, P. S. N. Murthy
5 A New Weighted Average Filter for Removing Camera Shake
Authors : M. V. R. V. Prasad, K. Srinivas, G. Prasanna Kumar
6 Optimizer in a Box: Simple Economic Optimization of Power Dispatch in Small Microgrids using OPC-UA
Authors : Roberto Alexandre Dias, Gregory das Chagas Gomes, Marcelo Lobo Heldwin
7 Semantic Information Retrieval: An Ontology and RDF-based Model
Authors : S. Mahaboob Hussain, Prathyusha Kanakam, D. Suryanarayana, Swathi Gunnam, Sharmela S.
8 Comparison of Keyword based Clustering of Web Documents by using OPENSTACK 4J and by Traditional Method
Authors : Shiza Anand, Pradeep Pant, Mukesh Rawat