Call for Paper - May 2023 Edition
IJCA solicits original research papers for the May 2023 Edition. Last date of manuscript submission is April 20, 2023. Read More

Volume 168

Number 1

Editor's choice: ANN based Data Mining Analysis of the Parkinson’s Disease
Author : Satish M. Srinivasan, Michael Martin, Abhishek Tripathi

Number 2

Number 3

Editor's choice: Design an Optimum PV System for the Satellite Technology using High Efficiency Solar Cells
Author : Ahmed Lotfy, Wagdy R. Anis, M. A. Atalla, Joseph V. M. Halim, M. Abouelatta

Number 4

Editor's choice: A Hybrid Approach for Artifacts Removal from EEG Recordings
Author : Alaa Eldeen M. Helal, Ahmed Farag Seddik, Ayat Allah F. Hussein

Number 5

Number 6

Editor's choice: Towards a Hybrid Approach for Software Project Management using Ontology Alignment
Author : Abdelghany Salah Abdelghany, Nagy Ramadan Darwish, Hesham Ahmed Hefny

Number 7

Editor's choice: Implementation of a Single Phase Switched-Capacitor Nine-Level Inverter for PV System Applications with Selective Harmonic Elimination
Author : Ayoub Nouaiti, Abdallah Saad, Abdelouahed Mesbahi, Mohamed Khafallah

Number 8

Number 9

Editor's choice: A Hybrid Intelligent System for Abstractive Summarization
Author : Dania Sagheer, Fadel Sukkar

Number 10

Editor's choice: Control of SIMO Systems in Simulation: The Challenge of the Multiple Axes Actuating Pneumatic Arm
Author : G. P. Smyrnaiou, M. Papoutsidakis, A. Xatzopoulos, D. Tseles

Number 11

Editor's choice: Real Time Trajectory Tracking Controller based on Lyapunov Function for Mobile Robot
Author : Mohammed Elsayed, Abdallah Hammad, Ashraf Hafez, Hala Mansour

Number 12

Editor's choice: Robust Steganography based on Matching Pixel Locations
Author : Aminou Halidou, Youssoufa Mohamadou, Georges Delort Olle O.

Number 13

Editor's choice: Recognizing Faces with Partial Occlusion using Inpainting
Author : Vijayalakshmi A.