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Number 10 (ISBN: 973-93-80897-15-0)

# Article Title
1 An Overview of Text Summarization
Authors : Laxmi B. Rananavare, P. Venkata Subba Reddy
2 An Intrusion Detection System using KNN-ACO Algorithm
Authors : Satyendra Vishwakarma, Vivek Sharma, Ankita Tiwari
3 Gender Prediction by Face Features Extraction and Fuzzy Rules
Authors : Surinder Kaur, Preeti Rai
4 An Analysis on Gender Classification and Age Estimation Approaches
Authors : Kanwal Deep Kaur, Preeti Rai
5 A Statistical Analysis of Near Fault Earthquake: A Research Perspective
Authors : Rohan Majumder, Prasun Chakrabarti, Abhirup Basu Roy Chowdhury
6 Performance Analysis of Overcoming Far-end Congestion in Large-Scale Networks
Authors : Zaheeruddin, Sanjeev Gupta