Call for Paper - November 2020 Edition
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Number 42 (ISBN: 973-93-80899-82-1)

# Article Title
1 Survey and Identification of the Level of Readiness of Pandeglang Regency to become a Smart City
Authors : Harsiti, Tb. Ai Munandar, Abdul Malik
2 Studying the Inter-Relationship amongst Barriers to Adoption of Big Data Analytics in SMEs in Developing Countries
Authors : Lakshay Aggarwal, Remica Aggarwal, Veena Aggarwal
3 A Non Invasive Technique to Detect Thyroid using Infrared Sensor
Authors : M. Malathi, P. Keerthigasri, S. Balambigai,
4 Novel Artificial Human Optimization Field Algorithms – The Beginning
Authors : Hassan M. H. Mustafa, Satish Gajawada
5 ERP Critical Success Factors: Software system Engineering Perspective
Authors : Nafisa Osman, Abd-El-kader Sahraoui
6 Gateway–based Threshold Distributed Energy Efficient Clustering (G-TDEEC)
Authors : F. Jibreel
7 Public Key Cryptosystem based on Matrices
Authors : Zekeriya Y. Karatas, Erkam Luy, Bilal Gonen
8 Performance Analysis of Primary User Aware Heuristic Dynamic Spectrum Channel Allocation
Authors : Deepshikha Bhati, Poonam Kshatriya