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Number 8 (ISBN: 973-93-80890-14-8)

# Article Title
1 Towards Standardization of Deregulated Electricity Market Communications in Nigeria
Authors : Joseph O. Dada
2 Low Contrast Gray Image Enhancement using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) with DWT
Authors : Aarti Pareyani, Agya Mishra
3 Difference-Histogram Modification based on Reversible Data Hiding
Authors : Neelima Dadsena, Archana Tiwari
4 Shape Grammar Interpreter for Twisted Wire Jewelry
Authors : Gurpreet Kaur, Sonu Mathur, Vishal Gulati
5 Neural Network: A better Approach for Software Effort Estimation
Authors : Salma Tarannum, Md. Suaib, Abdul Muttalib
6 Advanced SHA-1 Algorithm Ensuring Stronger Data Integrity
Authors : Siddhartha Rao
7 Implementation of a Fast and Power Efficient Carry Select Adder using Reversible Gates
Authors : Naman Sharma, Rajat Sachdeva, Rajat Yadav, Upanshu Saraswat
8 Modeling a Honeybee using Spiking Neural Network to Simulate Nectar Reporting Behavior
Authors : Subha Fernando, Nishantha Kumarasinghe