Call for Paper - January 2023 Edition
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Number 7 (ISBN: 973-93-80893-53-2)

# Article Title
1 An Overview of Strategic Information Systems Planning in Banking Sectors: A case study of Riyadh Bank of KSA
Authors : Wejdan Bajaber, Manahil AlQulaity, Aasim Zafar
2 Blackjack Game using Object Oriented Programming Methodology and Python
Authors : Harshad Naik
3 Prediction of Depression among Senior Citizens using Machine Learning Classifiers
Authors : Ishita Bhakta, Arkaprabha Sau
4 Mobile Sink-based Self Adaptive and Energy Efficient Proactive Data Collection Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
Authors : Dheeraj D. Umardand, Chirchi V. R.
5 Study and Performance Comparison of AODV and USOR
Authors : Yogesh Raju Patil, B. M. Patil
6 Selective Brain MRI Image Segmentation using Fuzzy C Mean Clustering Algorithm for Tumor Detection
Authors : Jesmon G. Paul, Tarun Kumar Rawat, Josna Job
7 Pairwise Alignment using ABC Optimization
Authors : Ankit Choubey, G. L. Prajapati
8 Static Gestures Recognition for Brazilian Sign Language with Kinect and Eigenhands
Authors : Sérgio Bessa Carneiro, Edson D. F. De M. Santos, Talles M. De A. Barbosa, José O. Ferreira, Adson F. Da Rocha