Call for Paper - November 2023 Edition
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Volume 165

Number 1

Number 2

Editor's choice: A Novel Proxy Signcryption Scheme and its Elliptic Curve Variant
Author : Roayat Ismail Abdelfatah

Number 3

Editor's choice: Case-based Matching Algorithm for Dynamic Web Service Discovery
Author : Ibrahim El Bitar, Zouhair Bazzal, Fatima-Zahra Belouadha

Number 4

Editor's choice: Load Balancing Improvement in Normal and Clustered User Distribution LTE Advanced HetNets through a Hybrid Channel-Gain Access-Aware Cell Selection Scheme
Author : Ajagbonna Babatunde Emmanuel, Abdoulie Momodou Sunkary Tekanyi, Mohammed Aliyu Gadam

Number 5

Editor's choice: Computational Program for Simulation of Mass and Heat Transfer of Cerrado Fruits
Author : Sara P. Fernandes, Glêndara Aparecida De Souza Martins, Warley Gramacho Da Silva

Number 6

Editor's choice: Rule base Knowledge and Fuzzy Approach for Classification of Specific Crop and Acreage Estimation
Author : S. S. Thorat, K. V. Kale, , S. C. Mehrotra, Y. D. Rajendra, V. B. Waghmare

Number 7

Editor's choice: Private Searching on Encrypted Data in Cloud
Author : Huda M. Saleh, Hameed A. Younis

Number 8

Editor's choice: Computational Approaches for Variant Identification
Author : Diksha Garg, Ankita Jiwan, Shailendra Singh

Number 9

Editor's choice: Comparison of Global Histogram-based Thresholding Methods that Applied on Wound Images
Author : Sümeyya İlkin, Fatma Selin Hangişi, Suhap Şahin

Number 10

Editor's choice: RNS Scaling Algorithm for a New Moduli Set {2^(2n+1) +1, 2^(2n+1), 2^(2n+1)-1}
Author : Khalid Shahabdeen Mustapha, Edem Kwedzo Bankas

Number 11

Editor's choice: Point to Point ILC with Receding Horizon Optimization Approach
Author : Haris Anwaar, Yin YiXin, Muhammad Ammar Ashraf, Salman Ijaz

Number 12

Editor's choice: Predicting Accidental Locations of Dhaka-Aricha Highway in Bangladesh using Different Data Mining Techniques
Author : Md. Shahriare Satu, Tania Akter, Md. Sadrul Arifen, Md. Raza Mia

Number 13

Editor's choice: Enhancing Quality of Images using Fuzzy Logic and Singleton Parameters
Author : J. B. Hayfron- Acquah, J. K. Panford, Y. Poakwah Gyimah