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Number 28 (ISBN: 973-93-80898-37-4)

# Article Title
1 Big Data, Machine Learning and the BlockChain Technology: An Overview
Authors : Francisca Adoma Acheampong
2 Sensitive Association Rule Hiding using Hybrid Algorithm in Incremental Environment
Authors : Ankit Kharwar, Chandni Naik, Niyanta Desai, Nikita Mistree
3 Temperatures Variation in Different Human Tissues according to Blood Flow Coefficient
Authors : Y. E. Mohammed Ali, A. G. Saber
4 Optimizing Binary Serialization with an Independent Data Definition Format
Authors : David Carrera Castillo, Jonathan Rosales, Gustavo A. Torres Blanco
5 Fuzzy Logic based Model to Reprioritize Cloud Computing Process Requests using Extended Parameters
Authors : Pooja Chopra, R. P. S. Bedi
6 Authentication using Hashed Fingerprint
Authors : Kawther A. Sallal, Salah M. Darwash
7 Towards Securing Organizational Data against Social Engineering Attacks
Authors : Azaabi Cletus, Ussiph Najim
8 Filter Design Problems with Convex Optimization
Authors : Sachin Rastogi, Sanjeev Rajan
9 A Simplified Analytical Model Toward Big Data Analysis using Ridge Regression Method
Authors : Afreen Ali, Sarwesh Site