Call for Paper - November 2020 Edition
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Number 2 (ISBN: 973-93-80898-98-4)

# Article Title
1 Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy
Authors : Suraj Krishnan, L. C. Nene
2 Data Protection Guidelines for Protecting Privacy of Users on Social Media
Authors : Fatema Panvelwala, Archana G. Pai
3 Design and Implementation of Power and Area Efficient 3-Bit Flash ADC using GDI Technique
Authors : Neetika Yadav, Preeti Kumari
4 Digital Image Encryption using Logistic Chaotic Key-based RC6
Authors : Mohammed Baz
5 Improved Approaches Edge Direction Histogram and HSV Histogram, Color Auto Correlagram; Gabor Wavelet Transforms using CBIR
Authors : Raksha Sharma, Rajendra Singh Kushwah
6 Internet of Things: Unabridged Solution
Authors : Romika Choudhary, Ashish Vats, Gagandeep Kaur, Ila Chaudhary, Swathi Sharma
7 Webapp Effort Estimation using Cosmic Method
Authors : Ahmed Thair Ahmed, Dujan B. Taha
8 Video Steganography Schemes for Hiding Acoustic Data: A Comparison
Authors : Namrata Singh, Renu Prasad