Call for Paper - December 2020 Edition
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Number 20 (ISBN: 973-93-80899-37-7)

# Article Title
1 SIR Model based Study on Chicken Pox Outbreak in Kamrup(M) District of Assam, India
Authors : Rima Devi, Balendra Kumar Dev Choudhury
2 The Compatibility and Conflict between XP Method and Level Two of CMMI-Dev1.2
Authors : Moath Husni, Omar Tarawneh, Mejhem Al-tarawneh, Ali Naimat
3 Advertisement and Document Recommendation based on Content in the Image
Authors : Meenakshi Chandak, A. S. Ghotkar
4 Wireless Sensor Network to Monitoring the Patient Health System Internet of things (IoT) based using ZigBee
Authors : Mubashir Tariq, Muneeb Niaz, Muhammad Tahzeeb Ul Hassan, Syed Kamran Ajmal, Muhammad Wasim Abbas Ashraf
5 Improving Image Steganography using a Proposed Mutated Levy-Flight Firefly Algorithm
Authors : Wafaa Hanna Zaki Sharaby
6 Symmetrical 10Gbps Point-to-Point and Broadcast Service using Centralized Source
Authors : Imran Ashraf, Muhammad Idress Afridi, Taifoor Ul Islam
7 Comparing Soft Computing Techniques for Estimating Demand of Season Ticket Holders
Authors : Mehmet Şahin
8 Application of Differential Quadrature for Modeling Solitary Wave: Numerical Solution of KDV Equation
Authors : Debabrata Datta, Seema Jagtap, Ugandhara Gaikwad