Call for Paper - January 2024 Edition
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Volume 99

Number 1

Editor's choice: Towards a Modeling approach based on Software Components
Author : Fadoua Rehioui, Abdellatif Hair

Number 2

Editor's choice: Hybrid Intelligent Intrusion Detection System using Bayesian and Genetic Algorithm (BAGA): Comparitive Study
Author : Y V Srinivasa Murthy, Kalaga Harish, D K Vishal Varma, Karri Sriram, B V S S Revanth

Number 3

Editor's choice: Thermal Uniformity-Aware Application Mapping for Network-on-Chip Design
Author : Pradip Kumar Sahu, Kanchan Manna, Tapan Shah, Santanu Chattopadhyay

Number 4

Editor's choice: Satellite Flatness based Fault Tolerant Control
Author : H. R. Shahsavari, M. R. Taheri, R. Esmaelzadeh

Number 5

Editor's choice: European Extremely Large Telescope: Isopistonic Angle Measurements at Aklim Site
Author : T. Elhalkouj, M. Sabil, A. Habib, Z. Benkhaldoun, My. Y. Elazhari, M. Lazrek, O. Azagrouze

Number 6

Editor's choice: Nano Fiber Images Thresholding based on Imperial Competitive Algorithm
Author : Neda Dehghan, Pedram Payvandy, Mohamad Ali Tavanaei

Number 7

Editor's choice: Verifying Outsourced Replicated Data in Cloud Computing Storage Systems
Author : Ayad F. Barsoum, M. Anwar Hasan

Number 8

Number 9

Number 10

Editor's choice: Multistep Sparse Approximation Technology in Information Retrieval
Author : Chi Shen, Wen Li, Mike F. Unuakhalu

Number 11

Editor's choice: How Minimal are MapReduce Arrangements for Binning Expressions?
Author : Ravinder Prakash G, Kiran M

Number 12

Editor's choice: Image Denoising by Addaptive Non-Local Bilatetal Filter
Author : Dao Nam Anh

Number 13

Editor's choice: A Thorough Investigation on Speech Enhancement Techniques for Hearing Aids
Author : N. Shanmugapriya, E. Chandra

Number 14

Number 15

Editor's choice: Design and Implementation of Multi-model Biometric Identification System
Author : Safaa S. Omran, Maryam Abdulmunem Salih

Number 16

Editor's choice: A New Protocol for Resource Discovery in Grid Systems
Author : Mahmoud El Samad, Amer Bakhach, Mohammad Hussein

Number 17

Editor's choice: Investigation of a Chaotic Spiking Neuron Model
Author : M. Alhawarat, T. Olde Scheper, N. T. Crook

Number 18

Editor's choice: Investigation of a Novel Technique for Decline Curve Analysis in Comparison with the Conventional Models
Author : Mehdi Bahari Moghadam, Alireza Rostami, Edris Joonaki, Payam Mohammad Ali Nejad

Number 19

Editor's choice: Quantitative Analysis on Robustness of FLD and PCA-based Face Recognition Algorithms
Author : Mahbuba Begum, Md. Golam Moazzam, Mohammad Shorif Uddin