Call for Paper - January 2023 Edition
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Number 1 (ISBN: 973-93-80893-03-7)

# Article Title
1 A Brief Survey on V-Blast Detection in MIMO OFDM System
Authors : Pranav Pandey, Shivendra Singh
2 Simplex Email: Controlled Access of an Email Account among the Users of a Cluster
Authors : Shirisha Kakarla, Archana Nagelli, Geeta Vemula
3 Modeling and Simulation of K-Means Clustering Learning Object Adaptability Model for Selecting Materials in E-Learning
Authors : Awoyelu I.O., Awosan O.A., Adagunodo E.R.
4 A Fuzzy AHP Model for Selection of University Academic Staff
Authors : Daniel E. Asuquo, Friday E. Onuodu
5 Medical Image Denoising based on Log-Gabor Wavelet Dictionary and K-SVD Algorithm
Authors : R.M. Farouk, Mohammed Elsayed, Mohammed Aly
6 Implementation of Sequence Generator by the Sequential Elements (D-Flip Flop) of Reversible Gates
Authors : Shefali Mamataj, Saravanan Chandran, Biswajit Das
7 A Comparative Study of Pattern Recognition Algorithms on Sales Data
Authors : Maulik Shah, Nirali Shah, Anviksha Shetty, Darshan Shah, Pradnya Gotmare
8 Decision Tree based Supervised Word Sense Disambiguation for Assamese
Authors : Jumi Sarmah, Shikhar Kr. Sarma