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Number 11 (ISBN: 973-93-80899-08-6)

# Article Title
1 Similarity Learning in Many Core Architecture
Authors : Arjeta Selimi-Rexha, Ali Mustafa Qamar
2 On the Alpha-Power Inverse Weibull Distribution
Authors : Dina A. Ramadan, Walaa Magdy A.
3 An Enhanced Risk Assessment Framework for Software Development in Multiple Projects Environment
Authors : Nagy Ramadan Darwish, Ahmed Ali Mohamed Warad
4 RESTful API based Online Compiler (TINKER)
Authors : Aryan Anmol, Abhishek Singhal, Abhishek Kumar
5 Efficient Algorithm and Framework for Interesting Patterns Generation for optimization of Association rule mining using genetic Algorithm for Social Networking Sites
Authors : Karuna Nidhi Pandagre, S. Veenadhari
6 TFR: A Tourist Food Recommender System based on Collaborative Filtering
Authors : Neda Rajabpour, Amirmahdi Mohammadighavam, Ali Naserasadi, Majid Estilayee
7 A New Approach for Customer Churn Prediction in Telecom Industry
Authors : Saumya Saraswat, Akhilesh Tiwari
8 Web based Weather Monitoring System using Wireless Sensor Node
Authors : Immanuel J., Rekha Patil, Sudheer L. S., Parvathi C. S., Bhaskar P.