Call for Paper - May 2023 Edition
IJCA solicits original research papers for the May 2023 Edition. Last date of manuscript submission is April 20, 2023. Read More

Volume 66

Number 1

Editor's choice: An Investigation into Forced Convection Heat Transfer through Porous Media
Author : Ihsan Y. Hussain, Aya A. Yaseen

Number 2

Editor's choice: Reversible Data Hiding by Integer Wavelet Transform with Lossless EZW Bit-Stream
Author : Mostafa A. Ahmad, Aly M. Meligy, Amal H. Hashim, Ayoub K. Al-hamadi

Number 3

Editor's choice: An Exploitation of Blind Signature Schemes to Simulate Privacy-related Applications
Author : Kazi Md. Rokibul Alam, Saifuddin Mahmud, Mohammad Nazmul Alam Khan

Number 4

Editor's choice: E-Learner's Collective Intelligent System Framework: Web Mining for Personalization in E-Learning 2. 0 Ecosystem using Web 2. 0 Technologies
Author : Hasnat Ahmad Hussny, Ahmed Mateen, Tasleem Mustafa, Muhammad Murtaza Nayyer

Number 5

Number 6

Number 7

Editor's choice: Task Oriented Risk Assessment (TORA)
Author : M. Lahon, Y. Jayanta Singh

Number 8

Editor's choice: Analyzing the effect of Constant and Lognormal Shadowing Model on Ad-hoc Routing Protocols
Author : Gaurav Sharma, Vaishali Sahu, Prashant Kumar Maurya, Rajeev Paulus

Number 9

Editor's choice: Obstacle Detection and Object Size Measurement for Autonomous Mobile Robot using Sensor
Author : Fayaz Shahdib, Md. Wali Ullah Bhuiyan, Md. Kamrul Hasan, Hasan Mahmud

Number 10

Editor's choice: Pressure Swing Distillation Simulation and Optimization of Azeotropic IBA + IBAc Mixture
Author : A. M. Patwardhan, S. P. Shirsat, S. D. Dawande

Number 11

Editor's choice: Design of a Wide Band RF Amplifier using Scattering Parameters
Author : Sami Mahersi, Mohamed Dhieb, Hamadi Ghariani, Mounir Samet

Number 12

Editor's choice: Applicability of Weyuker's Property 9 to Inheritance Metric
Author : Sandip Mal, Kumar Rajnish

Number 13

Editor's choice: Optimum Planning of Hybrid Energy System using HOMER for Rural Electrification
Author : Mahmud Abdul Matin Bhuiyan, Anik Deb, Arefin Nasir

Number 14

Editor's choice: Indirect Vector Control of Induction motor using ANN Estimator and ANFIS Controller
Author : Sanjaya Kumar Sahu, D. D. Neema, T. V. Dixit

Number 15

Editor's choice: Multi-phase IRC Botnet and Botnet Behavior Detection Model
Author : Aymen Hasan Rashid Al Awadi, Bahari Belaton

Number 16

Editor's choice: A Generic Luczak-based Cardiovascular Model for Healthy Subjects under Physical Stress
Author : Mohamed A. Abbass, Emad El Samahy

Number 17

Editor's choice: P9-factorization of Symmetric Complete Bipartite Digraph
Author : U S Rajput, Bal Govind Shukla

Number 18

Editor's choice: Forex Forecasting: A Comparative Study of LLWNN and NeuroFuzzy Hybrid Model
Author : Puspanjali Mohapatra, Munnangi Anirudh, Tapas Kumar Patra

Number 19

Number 20

Editor's choice: Performance Improvement of DYMO Routing Protocol using Gateway Authentication Technique
Author : Rajesh Gargi, Yogesh Chaba, R. B. Patel

Number 21

Editor's choice: Fingerprint Matching using Neighbourhood Distinctiveness
Author : Iwasokun Gabriel Babatunde, Akinyokun Oluwole Charles, Angaye Cleopas

Number 22

Number 23

Editor's choice: Centralized Admission: A Novel Student-Centric E-Governance Process
Author : Muralidhara B L, Chitty Babu G

Number 24