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Number 11 (ISBN: 973-93-80891-87-3)

# Article Title
1 Mouse Pointer Movement using Gaze Tracking System
Authors : Shubham Zende, Vinaya Tambile, Akash Thakur, Mahesh Shendge, Snehal Rathi
2 Design of Multi-vehicle Following Control System based on Arduino
Authors : KeBoWen Zhang, Chen Deng, YuLin Ou
3 A Compression Technique for Piecewise Smooth Images based on Transform Coding
Authors : Lince Varghese, Shine P. James
4 On Intuitionistic Fuzzy Weakly π Generalized Continuous Mapping
Authors : K. Kadambavanam, K. Vaithiyalingam
5 Image Encryption in Transform Domain using Circular Shift
Authors : Tanuja Sarode, Devishree Pillai, Shalmalee Pokale, Tejashri Prabhu
6 Automatic Synthesis of Reversible Circuits
Authors : Swanti Satsangi, C. Patvardhan, P.K. Kalra
7 Secure Data Storage in Cloud by Decentralized Access Control
Authors : Pooja N. Narve, B.M. Patil