Call for Paper - November 2020 Edition
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Number 24 (ISBN: 973-93-80899-41-5)

# Article Title
1 KKT Proximity Measure Versus Augmented Achievement Scalarization Function
Authors : Mohamed Abouhawwash, M. A. Jameel
2 Pipeline for Real-time Anomaly Detection in Log Data Streams using Apache Kafka and Apache Spark
Authors : Poojitha G., Sowmyarani C. N.
3 Air Light Estimation Algorithm by using Fuzzy based Dark Channel Prior
Authors : Simranjit Kaur, S. A. Khan, Rajwant Kaur
4 Waste Management in IoT- Facilitated Smart Cities- A Suvery
Authors : Swati K. Rajput, Madhavi Patil
5 Modified Region Filling and Object Removal by Exemplar - based Image Inpainting
Authors : Ankit D. Prajapati, Hetal M. Patel, Ankurkumar G. Patel
6 An Efficient Image Encryption using DNA Cryptography and Reversible Cellular Automata
Authors : Rajwant Kaur, S. A. Khan, Simranjit Kaur
7 A Machine Learning Approach to Forecast Bitcoin Prices
Authors : Amitha Raghava-Raju
8 Secured VANET Protocol with signature authentication (SVPSA)
Authors : Sonia Lal, Anshika Goyal
9 An Investigation of Various Segmentation Methods Used in Iris recognition System
Authors : Tanni Dhoom, Munmun Biswas